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Underground Radio

by Electric Buddha Band

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I'm working five to nine I don't get no overtime I'm a self-made man With something to say I'm gonna rule the world So get out of my way Self-made man, self-made man Gotta get ahead any way I can Self-made man, self-made man Don't you mess with my master plan Every day I'm out on the make I know what I need I don't need what I take I'm a self-made man Looking for fun Self-made man, I don't need anyone I'm a self-made man In my shark-skin suit You ain't fit to shine my shoes I'm always on the move Ready to go If I want your opinion I'll let you know Self-made man, self-made man I'm the guy no one understands Self-made man, self-made man I need a self-made girl To make me what I am
Deep in the corporate basement In a store room where no one goes Is a place of hidden ideas And secrets nobody knows Step inside my world Where the rules are all a blur Have you ever wondered Where banned ideas go? Who will watch the watchers When no one is in control? Step inside my world You'll see that it's absurd Words, colors, sights and sounds Visions swirling all around A world in 5/4 time I'm going out of my mind Systems control the people Recorded lives stored on shelves The secret to controlling people Are the chains they put on themselves Step inside my world Won't you take control?
The Creeper 02:26
I'm watching over you Watching what you do I'm watching every day So watch out what you say 'Cuz I'm the Creeper You'll be his keeper Or I'll make you pay There are dark forces 'round Making desperate sounds You're watching dawn to dusk You don't know who to trust You're a creeper You're in deeper Now you're one of us... We've seen you out there We know where you go You're nothing special Don't think you know More than us It could get dangerous No one cares what happens to you No one's coming to your rescue We know about you, Eva... If you don't get in line I can ease your mind I'll hollow out your brain 'Til nothing remains We're all creepers I'm the leader Nothing's ever gonna change!

Secret Lover 02:19
I'm from special branch Deep under cover Looking for my secret lover Secret lover, ooh These are the lies we tell one another In the darkness of winter At the Carnival of Light I'm on a secret rendez-vous To meet you tonight I'm always watching From the underground I'm taking pictures Gonna take you down You never know what you'll find When you get in bed With the other side Never say I love you Never tell a soul Never trust anyone In this world Never say I love you In this world of hate Never say I love you Now it's too late When you work in special branch It's always a struggle But I'll remember you My secret lover Secret lover, secret lover These are the lies we tell one another
The recording shut down At Sunset Sound I finally closed Abbey Road If no one's gonna listen You can't rechristen Another Muscle Shoals You better not mess With Pandora's box If you can't deal with the aftershocks Pandora's box I smashed the locks Freedom is a paradox People got fractal phones And 3D ringtones No one buys music anymore It’s just another channel Of churlish blather From the online megastore We cargo culted our way Into another age Of tin-eared taste If computers can rate it They can create it And lay it all to waste Mind control replaced rock 'n' roll Wiring up mankind Music's the narcotic To sell you more product And no one seems to mind
Too much information All the time Is running out Of my mind I wanna shout Tear it down Bury me alive Stop telling me your lies I don't wanna be One of your spies Watching in disguise The way I feel And what I see Bury me alive Stop telling me your lies Bury me alive Kiss it all goodbye Data blast me From the past I'm already gone Not coming back To the future That never was
When we were starting I could hardly play Joey made us practice every day Making noise Through the winter nights That became our Guiding Light You gotta face the music To get on stage Three chords, the truth That's what we play You gotta face the music To find your way People heard us in the underground They liked our looks They dug our sound We never told the kids What was cool Don't give an inch Break all the rules I brought you in I made this band You were busy Making your plans Now you're king Of the underground I'm always alone You're never around A million believers call your name So much passion up in flames One great song Can change the world But what’s gonna happen If you lose the girl?
I see people every day So busy they can't change Input devices on at all times Always connected, always online No one's a stranger When everyone's known Wherever you go You're never alone The stream of updates Never runs dry A lifetime of dreams float on by People judge every move you make And all the plans That you forsake Eyes always watching Down every road Wherever you go You're never alone Compulsive consumption Throughout the land Information, isolation Is part of the plan One day you'll wake up And wonder what matters To me it's heaps of Discarded data You'll wish that you had been warned Because you're always alone
Overture #9 03:57
Any Road 02:49
Every day factory At the surveillance Everything was so well planned I never questioned what they said I never took a stand You can go down any road Pick any path you choose You can go down any road When you got nothing to lose People telling me what to do Telling me who to be They tell me what to think They tell me I'm free Millions of conversations Whispered voices in the air Always yearning never learning Don't tell them that you care The first time I saw you Singing on the stage Lights and sound exploding My life suddenly so strange I'm walking down these empty streets Trying to find my way home The roads are full of shadows Which way should I turn?

You're so very special A cog in a beautiful machine You play the part Of a broken heart Longing to be free It's a dangerous time To be on your own Everyone thinks you're so special You've got that look, I'll agree But when I look a little bit closer You're not so different from me It's a dangerous time To be on your own You're not so very special No one cares what you do You can't teach us anything That we don't want you to It's a dangerous time To be on your own What makes you think You're so special? That you know more than we do? Don't you know that we all know A few things about you, too It's a dangerous time Now you're on your own
C'mon Eva 02:00
C'mon Eva Won't you dance with me? C'mon Eva take a chance on me 'Cuz I'm the one That can set you free Eva don't like modern jazz They always play it too darn fast She can't stand all that wailing sax Says it sounds like a heart attack Dreadfully boring Fit for Hermann Göring Eva says it's such a drag Eva can't dance to rock 'n' roll Can't find the beat To save her soul Skintight jeans and a lacy top Her legs are long They just don't stop She looks fantastic But she trips the light spastic You better get Eva off the floor Eva's been there from the start So perfect Like she's playing a part Eva always looks so very fine But she's living on borrowed time Who's she talking to? Has she forsaken you? Who knows what's in Eva's heart?
A long time ago when we were cool We were wild, broke all the rules Radio playing that forgotten song Driving the beat To the setting sun That was the past It ain't coming back That was then and this is now I keep playing "Bang a Gong" Wondering when I'm gonna get it on Everyone else is getting old I want the world and I want it now Don't get stuck in the past It ain't coming back That was then and this is now As I look ahead many years Don't wanna be reelin' in the tears I wanna make a dent in this world Baby, baby, won't you be my girl? Don't live in the past It ain't coming back That was then and this is now
There's a cold wind blowing Far and wide Fifty-year winter That'll never die It keeps snowing Where am I going? I'm frozen inside When I met you You wouldn't be denied You stole my heart In the darkest of nights Why'd it all go Up in smoke? Now you're frozen inside Whatever the reason I can abide But this wall of silence Leaves me cold as ice Don't let me go Don't leave me cold Don't leave me frozen inside

There's a new sound Going down In the underground (Play it loud) The girls & boys All making noise In the underground (Dig that sound) What does it take To change the world? How will every voice be heard? We're all part of the underground They built this world We'll tear it down I'm in the danger zone I'll go it alone In the underground (My heart starts to pound) We'll show the way We'll make 'em pay In the underground (It's a dirty town) Lines will be drawn What side are you on Is it the underground? (Don't let me down) Someway somehow We gotta go now To the underground
When I was younger I had nothing but time Now my days are numbered No longer prime I've got to heed the battle cry No time to waste Time to die A lifetime of moments That you wouldn't believe Now they're frozen They're lost in a dream We'll bleed the bastards dry No time to waste Time to die Snow is falling Fog is rising I hear voices calling Is the baby crying? No time left to wonder why My number's up Time to die No use denying Time is fleeting Will you guide me? I'm barely breathing No time left to wonder why My number's up…
When the hammer Came down on you I thought that we were through Save your breath There's nothing left No one can pull us through When the hammer came down It beat you to the ground I stopped believing all their lies The revolution won't be trivialized Every voice has a choice That's what they don't realize When the hammer comes down What it strikes becomes strong A million voices From the underground You'll never take us down We'll sing our songs all night long Growing ever loud We'll knock that hammer down You know it won't be long
I'm moving ahead all the time Searching the skies For some kind of sign I'm a self-made man I got what it takes I'll look for you to the end of days Self-made man, self-made man I'm digging in, I'm taking a stand Self-made man, self-made man I'm gonna find you any way I can When the smoke clears And the day breaks That's when your heart aches All will be revealed When the smoke clears You will find me here Waiting for you All will be revealed One two three four five six seven All good children go to heaven Some stay close, some go far Some play rock 'n' roll guitar

When you're young Your heart is a late night dial Playing songs and Smiley Smiles 50,000 watts From the golden tower Rolling down the highway, Faster miles an hour Sending music around the world That's the Underground Radio! Joey's in the basement Mixing up his chord charts He'd sell his soul to play with Heart Secret agent man Won't let him down Playing the modern rocking neon sound Play it fast and play it loud Play it on the Underground Radio! You say you want a revolution, yeah? But all you've got is this Music Man We'll get some drums, I got a bass Play something cool And put a smile on my face It's a force we can't control Listen to the Underground Radio!


Underground Radio is a modern rock opera by The Electric Buddha Band composed and recorded as an homage to classic '70s rock. It's like spinning your car radio dial late at night and hearing a strange mix of rock, blues, new wave and punk songs you've never heard before. It's discovering some long lost bootleg LP in a bargain bin and spinning the vinyl until the grooves wear through to the other side and you wake up in an alternate universe where Roger Waters and David Gilmour still get along, the Clash are playing at the Fillmore East, and Jim Morrison is headlining summer festivals.

Digitally remastered in 2020.
Bandcamp exclusive: Tracks includes embedded lyrics.


released April 1, 2020

Zack Urlocker - Sloppy bass, some guitar, some vocals, keyboards
Rob Castaneda - Good guitar, good vocals
Rick Greenwald - Really good vocals
Ruby Urlocker - Vocals, backing vocals
Curtis "Mac" Logan - Drums
Louise Wo - Vocals on "Secret Lover"
Travis Huch - Extra tasty guitar on "You're So Special"
Steven Leszner - Lead guitar on "When We Were Cool"
Mr Adams - Drums on "You're Never Alone," "#9 Overture"


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Electric Buddha Band Traverse City, Michigan

Inspired by the music of The Pretty Things, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Crack The Sky, The Who, The Ramones, The Clash, Television, U2, Booker T & The MGs, and everything else I've listened to since 1974.

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